SML240DA Driveaway Antenna
    Publish time 2016-09-08 17:38    
SML240DA Driveaway Antenna offers the most robust and light-weight antenna of its type and size available.
SML240DA Driveaway Antenna


This antenna features carbon fiber composite reflector and back-beam structure designed to provide exceptional performance in a lightweight package.
The custom-designed elevation-over-azimuth cable drive pedestal provides superior stiffness over existing products on the market.In addition, the antenna is designed to meet international performance specifications for commercial or military applications and is readily available in C, X, Ku  and/or Ka band frequencies.

Intelsat and Eutelsat Compliant

Multi-Band C, X, Kuor Kaband Frequencies
Multiple Integration Options
IntegratedController with Tracking Options Available
Carbon Fiber ReinforcedPolymer Structure   Lightweight and Stiff
LowProfile and Space-Optimizing Stow Position
Cable DrivePositioning System
Superior Stability in Wind
Excellent Reliability
Minimal Maintenance

Technical Specifications:


Technical Parameters

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Reflector 2.4 meters - Carbon Fiber
Reflector Offset Angle (deg) 16
Antenna Travel
Azimuth ± 200° continuous
Elevation 0 - 90° of reflector boresight
Polarization ± 90°
Antenna Drive Rate
Azimuth 0.4°/sec
Elevation 0.8°/sec
Polarization 2°/sec
Tracking Loss (operational) 2dB peak (Ku-band Rx)
Winds Operational 72 kph Gusting to 96 kph
Survival 128 kph any position / 145 kph stowed
Antenna Stowed Dimensions Length: 2773mm Width: 2431mm Height: 595 mm
Weight 250 kg - without feed/integration
Integration Feed boom Mounted 65kg
Positioner Mounted 147kg
Rain Operational 10 cm/h
Survival 15 cm/h
Relative Humidity 0 - 100%
Solar Radiation 1000 Kcal/h/m2
Radial Ice (survival) 25.4 mm
Corrosive Atmosphere As encountered in coastal and/or industrial areas
Temperature Operational -30 to +60°C
Survival -40 to +70°C