FLANN microwave Ltd. was established in 1956.In the microwave industry enjoyed international fame.FLANN microwave focus on the design and manufacture of high-precision, high-quality, high-performance microwave devices and components,Frequency ranges from 320 KHz to 500 GHz.

Our mission statement: To provide customers with the design and development of professional products,A product that has a price competitiveness and stable performance.

CapacityHave the RF designTools include Ansoft HFSS,Ansoft Microwave Wizard,

Mathematical modeling and internally developed design and synthesisMechanical designAutoCAD 3D modeling and edge CAMElectronic Design: sport control/robot technology , system design , control software and control processorsIEEE-488RS-232RS-485and ethernet.

Manufacturing: CNC machine tools, vertical machining center, lathe,Milling turning.

Production and internal procedures: highly skilled fitter / assembly, welding and brazing, electroplating, electroforming, anodic oxidation, Alochrome and paint spraying.

Test and measurement:Vector network analyzer at frequencies up to 130 GHz, scalar network analyzer up to 200 GHz. With research institutions and national standards laboratories have a good cooperation and communication.

The customer:Our products are used in many fields.Including test and measurement ,radar, satellite,industrial application .electronic warfare ,research institutions and national standard laboratory.FLANN microwave active participation in design and optimize customer projects,Space and weight limit for the multi - functional components ,The use of discrete components or single block design.

Products include: Standard and custom waveguide components, antennas, components, and programmable instruments, Available frequencies from 320 KHz to 500 GHz rectangular waveguide and 2 GHz to 40GHz double-ridged waveguide . Power affordability from mW to MW.