Innovators in the switch industry

Since 1974 Sector Microwave Industries has been privileged to serve the microwave and RF community by supplying high-quality microwave switches for communication, military, and satellite application. SMI is the respected leader for this critical application because of its high quality products and history of timely delivery. SMI’s many innovative patents are incorporated in the product line and contribute strongly to the high reliability and superior performance. SMI proudly offers a complete line of electromechanical waveguide and coaxial switches in SPDT,DPDT, transfer configurations as well as relay switches, dual waveguide and coax switches and switch assemblies for use in satellite, military and commercial ground station applications.

SMI switches feature many concepts and designs.

Here are some of them

SMI’s patented sector motor

SMI’s patented lightweight-miniature RF rotor

Excellent RF performance

Unsurpassed reliability

Manual override and visual RF path indicator

Field-removable indexable drive assembly

Standard and built by electromechanical RF specialists

All manufacturing done on the premises

Polite and friendly customer service

Outstanding record of on-time delivery

SMI’s patented coaxial magnetic switching