Yach Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise registered in Science Park of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which is a Class A National University Science Park. Yach Industry has also carried out close cooperation in R&D and project with many universities. The business scope includes radar systems, satellite communication systems and accessories, microwave radio frequency communication devices and systems, and optical communication devices and systems. Yach can help customers complete turnkey projects such as antenna near-field measurement, far-field measurement, material measurement and measurement simulation, microwave anechoic chamber, etc., and provide customers with professional suggestions and overall solutions.

Yach industry products include 

Main products (RF & Microwave, Milimeter components):
-Cables and cable components (DC-220GHz, Ultra Low Loss & Phase Stable).
-RF Connectors (DC-110GHz).
-Rotary joint test systems, Testing turntables, Coaxial rotary joints (DC-67GHz), Waveguide rotary joints (67GHz), Optical fiber rotary joints. 
-Coaxial switches (DC-110GHz, SPDT-SP18T, DPDT, 2P3T), waveguide switches, Solid switches.
-Phase shifters (DC-67GHz).
-Attenuators (DC-67GHz, 0.5W-3000W).
-Low noise amplifiers (LNA). (9KHz-220GHz)
-Power amplifiers (PA) (9KHz-220GHz).

-Filters (DC-67GHz, Low Pass Filters, High Pass Filters, Band Pass Filters, Band Reject Filters.)

-Power dividers (Splitters, Combiners) (DC-110GHz, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 16 Ways). 
-All kinds of waveguide products (hard waveguides, soft waveguides).
-Couplers (100KHz-110GHz), 90°/180°Hybrid Couplers, 
Directional couplers, Dual Directional Couplers.
-Frequency Sources (DC-50GHz).
-Coaxial adapters (DC-110GHz, Low VSWR).
-Terminations (DC-67GHz, 0.5W-500W).
-Circulators (56MHz-40GHz).
Octave & Multi-Octave
-Detectors (0.01-110GHz)
-Isolators (50MHz-40GHz).
-Bias tees (DC-110GHz)
-DC Blocks (0.01-110GHz).
-Mixers (DC-110GHz)
-Equalizers (DC-110GHz)

-Antennas (0-150GHz).
-Optical fiber cables and components.
-Electric slip ring. 
-Spread spectrums.
-Waveguide probes (DC-220GHz)
-Optical transmission systems, etc. 


Yach Industry is a market oriented company, constantly focused on the Radar and satellite communications industry, Yach is committed to being a worldwide communications equipment and systems solutions provider.


Company mission:


Yach understands your needs and customers’ satisfaction is our success!

To recognize our employees’ contribution and continuously find ways to be better!

Honesty is the philosophy of our companyInnovation is the power for the growth.