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The SMV180DA is a compact design that is affordable for end users in VSAT or SNG applications.


The SMV180DA is an integrated automatic positioning controller with manual operation, a glass fiber reinforced reflector handle, and an optional VSAT or low crossed POL servo. The control system can be used to work directly with positive satellite identification modems. Up to 16 kg of load can be installed in feedboom multiple integrated software packages and options. With surface accuracy and payload along the high gain performance to provide the best decibel per dollar performance.

Product advantages:
1.VSAT or broadcast configuration
2. Integrated automatic positioning, manual priority control
3. Automatic positioning and peaking together with the functionality of the handheld control unit
4. Precision glass fiber reinforced reflector
5. The spatial rationality of the installation location
6. Affordable SNG applications
7. Arm installation single-thread integration software, up to 16 kg
8.Intelsat company / ITU standard
9.C, X and Ku band feeds

Technical Parameters:

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Reflector 1.8 meters - SMC
Reflector Offset Angle (deg) 22.6
Antenna Travel
Azimuth ± 186° continuous
Elevation 5 - 75° of reflector boresight, 5 - 85° with modified antenna cover*
Polarization ± 110°
Antenna Drive Rate
Azimuth 1.5°/sec
Elevation 1.5°/sec
Polarization 2°/sec
Pointing Loss (operational) 2 dB (Ku-band Rx)
Winds Operational 56 kph Gusting to 81 kph
Survival 112 kph any position / 145 kph stowed
Antenna Stowed Dimensions Length: 250.1 cm Width: 182.9 cm Height: 45.7 cm
[add 76mm to height for optional mount frame]
Weight 125 kg - without integration
Integration Feed boom Mounted 15.9 kg
Positioner Mounted 113 kg
Rain Operational 10 cm/h
Survival 15 cm/h
Relative Humidity 0 - 100%
Solar Radiation 1000 Kcal/h/m2
Radial Ice (survival) 12.7 mm
Corrosive Atmosphere As encountered in coastal and/or industrial areas
Temperature Operational -30 to +60°C
Survival -40 to +70°C